KLMU and Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu

Diploma In Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Programme Description

This program of study ensures graduates move forward in their careers with the necessary skills and understanding of every aspect of electronic-based technology and computer applications of engineering. It also explores advanced mathematics, computing and practical engineering skills and industrial applications to provide rounded, disciplined candidates to step straight into employment or be ready for higher studies.

Programme Aims

To equip students with advanced skills and practical knowledge in engineering

To provide graduates that grace the growing local electronics industry, as well as other commercial and industrial companies which support emerging ICT organizations

To provide graduates that can make valuable contributions to plan, design, operate, install, configure and maintain electronics and electrical systems

Career Prospects

Electrical and electronics engineers can be employed to support sales and marketing, as well as attaining positions of technical, managerial and commercial leadership, no matter the size of the company.

DURATION: 8 semesters

Subjects Offered

Basic English 1
Engineering Software & Applications
Academic English 1
Engineering Maths I
Intermediate English 1
Bahasa Kebangsaan A/ Bahasa
Electrical Fundamentals
Micontroller and Microprocessor
Kebangsaan B
Malaysian Studies
Electrical Machines
Data Communication and Network
Electrical Safety
Electrical Measurement and
Accounting, Management and
Electronic Circuits
Instrumentation Technique
Basic Economics
Engineering Maths II
Intermediate English 2
Industrial Electronics
Basic English 2
RF Circuits Technology
Business Communication
Engineering Maths III
Islamic/Moral Studies •
Engineering Laws
Computer & Basic Programming
Control System
Digital Electronics
Communications Principles


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