Diploma Medical Lab Technology – Top Health Sciences Diploma At KLMU Sabah

Diploma Medical Lab Technology - Top Diploma In Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu

Top and Sale-able Diploma In KLMU Sabah New Campus At Inanam Kota Kinabalu.

KLMU Sabah offer best and top Diploma such as Medical Lab Technology for Sabah and Sarawak student. Our Program are backed by government agency such as Health Ministry to produce top and skillful graduate. KLMU Sabah with the help from Cosmopoint Sabah are focusing to produce good quality of student expecially in Diploma MLT to become the ever best student if compare with other colleges. below is the details description of the so call Diploma Program.
Programme Description
The diploma prepares students for a career in a medical laboratory as a technologist. Students will learn how to perform laboratory tests and analysis on human blood, bodily fluids and tissues to assist doctors in the diagnosis and management of disease. This program will equip students with extensive theoretical knowledge and relevant practical skills to meet the needs of the modern medical industry.
Programme Aims
To produce competent professionals that contribute to the field of laboratory medicine, which in turn helps further quality healthcare provision
To prove a springboard for those who aspire to become clinical scientists, research scientists or academicians by encouraging them to further their studies with a Bachelor’s degree in biomedical science, forensic science and, hopefully, thereafter a Masters degree or a PhD in related disciplines
Career Prospects
Medical laboratory technologists can work in public or private hospital laboratories, private clinical laboratories, public health laboratories, universities and research institutions.
DURATION: 6 semesters
Subjects Offered
Basic English
General Biology & Human
Histopathology I & II
English for Academic Reading & Genetics
Immunohemathology I & II
Industrial Training I & II
Basic Applied Science
Medical Parasitology I & II
Introduction to Medical
Anatomy & Physiology
Pengajian Malaysia
Laboratory Science
Hematology I, II & III
Islamic/Moral Studies
Introduction to Computer &
Clinical Biochemistry I, II & III
Introduction to Laboratory Application
Medical Microbiology I, II & III
Immunology & Serology
Cytology I & II
Contact us at H/p: 016-5858552 ( Mr Harry George )
or E-mail Us at: harry.george@cosmopoint.com.my
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