Urgent News and Infromation, Cosmopoint and KLMU KK Sabah.

(left: background picture of ex staff Cosmopoint KK Sabah website)
Recently there is so many website that providing news about Cosmopoint KK Sabah. Student and Parents are advice to select the website that providing true information about Cosmopoint and KLMU Sabah in order to protect themselve for not being manipulated by others people. There are few website that are trust able that the parents can surf to get relevant information such as: Below is the List of Website that provide true and trust able information regarding to Cosmopoint KK and KLMU Sabah.
Other website that are not being listed is not trust able such as http://www.kkcosmopoint.blogspot.com. The owner of this website is an ex cosmpoint staff and already resign one years ago and working with other private institution from Kuala Lumpur. So parents and student are advise not to register their name under http://www.kkcosmopoint.blogspot.com because you will be entertain by ex staff of Cosmopoint KK Sabah.

From: Marketing Department
Sayed Alwie Laudin

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