KLMU Sabah – Register Online at Cosmopoint Sabah

KLMU Sabah – Register Online at Cosmopoint Sabah
KLMU Sabah have a good news for all new and interested student who like to study at Cosmopoint Sabah, whereby KLMU Sabah is offering the student to Register Online by filling up the Pendaftaran Online KLMU Sabah Form at www.klmu-cosmopoint-sabah.com.

KLMU Sabah also will receiving your fax and please write on your name by typing KLMUKK<>Name<>Mr Alwie/Jan2011. This online Registration is aiming to make the student to feel easy to register here. Diploma offered with joint venture with  Cosmopoint Sabah.
Don’t worry the data you insert at our Online form will be used for Education Purpose only. Your data will be kept in secret and nobody expect the admin of http://www.klmu-cosmopoint-sabah.com have the access of this database. Please be insure to put your correct contact no and address so that we can reach your through e-mail or telephone. Remember to put your true SPM result so that when you register here we will not face any problem in applying for PTPTN and anything related. 
To now more please SMS Mr Alwie at 019-8097660
E-mail: sayed.alwin@cosmopoint.com.my

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