Tanak Nabalu Homestay

Tamparuli Home Stay
Tanak Nabalu Homestay is located in the plains of the valley-Lobong Kg.Lobong Kota Belud. Located about 60km from Kota Kinabalu city, 33km from Tamparuli Sabah and 5km from the main road Kota Kinabalu-Ranau. This Home Stay background view is the mighty Mt.Kinabalu. Tanak Nabalu Homestay name was taken from the stone call Tanak Watu Mount Kinabalu, located in the middle of Kg. Lobong-Lobong Kota Belud. The Local call it ” Tanak Watu Nabalu ” which mean in English small rock of Mt.Kinabalu.Tanak Nabalu Homestay has a strategic location and background view is so beautiful. A comfortable atmosphere whereby it got natural beauty which becomes the main eset of this place.
1. Visiting the “Tanak Nabalu” or shaped stone of Mount Kinabalu
2. Pay a visit to the waterfalls
3. Jungle wilderness / natural forests in the area near the Garden State.
4. Enjoying the river water is not contaminated.
5. Visit the Orchid Garden Collection Mr.Rainol Sulutan
6. Visiting Lubuk Freshwater Fish (The Tagal Kaung)
1. Performance culture (Mengagong, Togungak)
2. Local People Games (Momolositik, Monopuk, Tongkisus)
3. Rubber Tapping
4. Collecting freshwater fish from Tagal System – Once a year
5. Vine fish
6. Retailer (cultivated rice) and Mongomot (Harvest Rice) Hill
About Sabah
Sabah land below the wind is a perfect country for domestic & overseas travel. Kota Belud is synonymous with the cultural diversity of society and also has a unique natural environment and places that attract as a new tourist destination. Lobong-lobong have a complete package for a visit for the local and foreign tourist. Background and backdrop of Home Stay is high plains of Mount Kinabalu, Mount Kinabalu mini stand, waterfalls, clean water and fish water, rich flora & fauna, recreation place, comfortable & exciting, challenging place to bike, camp programs and more.
This Homestay Program is a new facility located in this place, When you visit our Homestay Tanak Nabalu you will enjoy local fruits such as pineapple, durian, rambutan, langsat, Tarap and many more.
Mr.djuanis Mogirong
H/p: 0198973637
Stroy by: Travel Log Book Admin
Sources: Direct Contact
Picture: Mr Djuanis Mogirong – owner Tanak Nabalu Home Stay/ http://www.tamparulisabah

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