KLMU and Cosmopoint Sabah
KLMU or previous name for is Cosmopoint was established in 1991 and been running for almost 20 years. Cosmopoint open it branch in Kota Kinabalu in 2002 at Meanara MAA. For the student your can visit the KLMU Student Portal for more information regarding to your study. For the SPM and STPM leaver your can search KLMU Location and KLMU address for more details about this NO 1 IPTS in Malaysia. KLMU Sabah was establish in 2009 with the cooperation of Cosmopoint Group and running their program at Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu at Wisma Times Inanam. There are 24 courses offered and Student, Parents and Public are welcome to visit us from Monday to Saturday. To get more information about the new updates about KLMU and Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu do search through this website to get more clarification. 
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KLMU Address and KLMU Location: Joint cooperation with Cosmopoint Kota Kinabalu.
No.2, 1km Jalan Tuaran Bypass,
88450 Kota Kinabalu Sabah
Tel: 088-389004
KLMU and Cosmopoint News and Updates
Eleven graduates of Cosmopoint International College of Technology (CICT) completed a four-month apprenticeship where they gained valuable industrial training working for major American corporations the like of LA Times, Houston Chronicle, Giant Eagle and Walmart.
During the stint, the IT diploma students were exposed to new and sophisticated software, some of which is the most advanced in the web-based publishing industry worldwide.
In addition, the Cosmopoint students were also offered jobs right away by the organisation where they were posted. The industrial training was held at P2i Online Sdn Bhd, a Multimedia Super Corridor or MSC-status company located at Cyberjaya, Selangor. P2i Online is the online division of P2i Newspapers LLC which also has offices in Pennsylvania and California, United States of America.
P2i’s core business is converting text and graphics from print to inter-active web products for its clientele, which also includes major American companies such as ShopLocal, SRDS, McClatchy, Grocery Shopping Networks and Newsday. P2i’s diverse network of customers, end-users, associates and affiliates span the publishing industry of North America and Europe.
Four of the students, Muhammad Luqmannulhakim Onn, Andirizal Rusli, Bustami Ibrahim Pardi and Mohd Aleffee Mat were tasked by P2i to handle works for corporations such as the Giant Eagle, Walmart and other retail chains, as well as several dailies.
During an interview, they students revealed that they had the opportunity to work on documents, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers and catalogues of some of the largest business-to-business, consumer, publishing and media companies in North America and Europe.
“Our work was very significant. We helped in converting contents intended for printed products into dynamic revenue generating websites. These in turn, enabled P2i’s customers such as newspapers, publishers and content aggregators to extend the reach of their contents to the general public,” said Luqmannulhakim.
While the four were well trained in the use of web development applications such as Adobe Dreamweaver, the tasks endeavoured to the four students at P2i was quite challenging.
“We got to learn how to use the latest software such as Hotspom4.” said Andirizal.
They said they were fortunate to be studying with Cosmopoint because of the institution’s close relationship with leading industry players, which made it easy for them to apply theories studied within the confine of a lecture hall to real-life office practice.
”We are really thrilled to be offered jobs at P2i right after our industrial training, but we had to decline the offers as we wanted to pursue our Bachelor’s Degree,” shared Bustami.
While practical training is an important phase of learning where a student puts his hard skills or technical skills to practice, the four Cosmopoint students said they found that soft skills are equally important in the workplace.
“We learned that we needed soft skills such as the ability to lead a team and motivate others as well as the ability to unite a team amidst cultural differences. These are character traits much sought after by employers everywhere,” Aleffee said.
At the end of their practical training, the four students were given Certificates of Completion by the MSC under its Knowledge Workers Development Initiatives. The Initiatives are aimed at providing training to knowledge workers in line with the progress of MSC Malaysia. In addition, it also aims to ensure that Malaysian workers are armed with internationally recognised certification to compete in the global business arena.
Luqmannulhakim, Andirizal, Bustami and Aleffee are now in the second semester of their Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in E-Business degree programme at the Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMU), another institution of higher learning within the Cosmopoint education group.
KLMU Student Portal and Student Support.
The Malaysian government has emphasized on the importance of education as one of the most important sectors of growth for the country. With this in mind, the Ministry of Education and other related governmental bodies have made available many types of financial packages from banks, financial institutions, state departments, government-linked agencies and local organizations which basically offer scholarships, loans and financial aid to Malaysian students.
Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University (KLMU) has a dedicated department called the Bursary and Financial Aid Department which helps students in their applications and processing for study loans from the various financial bodies. Students can request for details and forms from the department. The following financial bodies that provide aid are:- 
• PTPTN loan is open to ALL DIPLOMA and DEGREE full-time students with a minimum of three (3) credits in SPM.
• Maximum loan approved for 3 year-DIPLOMA Program is RM 24,000
• Maximum loan approved for 3 year-DEGREE Program is RM 48,000 
The MARA loan is open to only BUMIPUTRA DIPLOMA students for 4 approved programs (as stated below). Students must possess a minimum five (5) credits in SPM including Bahasa Malaysia , Mathematics and Science :-
1) Diploma in Information Technology
2) Diploma in Multimedia Application
3) Diploma in Computerized Graphic Design
4) Diploma in E-Business
• ADVANCED CERTIFICATE students from Cosmopoint College of Technology with CGPA 2.00 and a credit in Bahasa Malaysia in SPM are also eligible to apply for the MARA loan when they proceed to the DIPLOMA Program.
• Students may opt for EPF withdrawal either from their own EPF Account II or their parents account.
• EPF withdrawal can be made on a yearly basis.
• EPF withdrawal can also be used to reimburse fees which have been paid to the University/College.
• EPF withdrawal can also be used to settle study loans from loan sponsoring bodies.
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Sources: KLMU Sabah, KLMU and Cosmopoint Sabah.
Picture: KLMU Sabah


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