Diploma Broadcasting and Film at KLMU

Real Learning Experience for KLMUC’s Broadcasting & Film students
Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College (KLMUC) students received a surprised appearance by Indian heart-throbs BharathSrinivasan and Shamsuddin Ibrahim aka Shaamat the campus recently. 
Both celebrities had come to Malaysia film scenes for their upcoming movie project and were taking time off from their busy schedule to meet KLMUC’s Broadcasting and Film students. 
Thisvisit provided an opportunity for KLMUC to inspire local students, especially in the Broadcasting and Film programmes and to develop a better understanding on how the Cinema industry in Indiaworks. This visit would also help prepare the students in their chosen field to their future careers. 
Students were very enthusiastic to see Bharath and Shaamin person and threw various questions about the actors and their working experience.
Heart-throb Indian actor Bharath at KLMU
Bharath in Q&A session with fans Speaking to students in Tamil, Bharath was able to share his own personal experience in the film industry to the students adding success it is an effort that requires a lot of commitment. 
“There is no such thing as shortcuts in life. Take life as it goes and work hard for your dreams,” he said in Tamil. 
Shaamalso conveyed to students that opportunities in life are numerous and that the potential for creativity is something that should not be missed. 
“You young guys should take the challenge and don’t miss it. It’s not just about acting but it involves a lot of creativity,”Shaam said while adding that success in any venture requires a strong passion and a belief in oneself to move on forward. 
Shaam also explained that technology in the world is changing quickly which creates a highly competitive industry that is often unpredictable. He also stressed that even in any field, one must also not forget to create their own network and to always allow themselves room for the flexibility to learn.
“First you must understand that there are several crafts of the movie industry that you must learn,” Shaam advised. But more importantly, his advice for the student is to have the discipline, determination and dedication as the key to success. 
Shaam first started as a model in Bangalore, he ventured into the film industry in 2000 with the Tamil movie Kushi directed by S.J. Suryah. With over 20 films under his belt, Shaam is a multilingual actor whose works include Kick, 12B and Iyarkai. He was recently in Malaysia for scene in his upcoming film, 6. 
Bharath who was already a trained dancer since he was 11, debuted in a musical box office hit directed by S.Shankar, Boys, where his dance skills made him famous.His other releases include Chennai Kadhal, February 14 and Veyil. His upcoming releases are Thiruthani, Perarasu, Vaanamand the Tamil remake of Silambarasan, from a telugu blockbuster Vedam. 
Shaam shown around by the President
Shaam with his fans KLMUC offers more than 50 different courses under seven Faculty schools. Students will be able to pursue a course in Media Studies, Built Environment, Health Science, Art & Design, Engineering & Information Technology, Business & Management as well as Hospitality & Tourism.
Application fees are only RM100 while Registration is RM300 for both Diploma and Degree level programmes. 
Students can also receive assistance in the form of financial aid from PTPTN (National Higher Education Fund Corporation) and MARA. The campus also offers a well-equipped accommodation facility for non-resident students with easy transportation access to ensure a positive learning experience.
Press Release: Kuala Lumpur, 4 Aug 2011

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