Nurse Graduate From Private College Will Be Posted at The Government Hospital At The End Of This Year.

A total of 1.681 from 8.000 private nursing college graduates who are unemployed will be absorbed in 130 government hospitals begin later this year.
Recruitment will continue until absorbed 6.724 nurses in public hospitals by 2015 and the remainder is intended to follow a short placement scheme or 1Malaysia Training Scheme (SL1M) to enable them to work with private hospitals, including outside negara.Kementerian also looking to introduce a short placement scheme for nurses those unemployed to enhance their skills, “- Liow Tiong Lai, Minister of Health, Health Minister Datuk Seri Liow Tiong Lai said it was part of the approved short-term measures to address the problem of unemployment cabinet nurses private college graduates over the years.
This step is also to meet the needs of ministries that need up to 12,000 nurses to fill vacancies in government hospitals and the need for a period of four years. Here In Assemble Strange and Funny Story, You Sure comforted … “This means that half of the country will be filled nurse needs nurse graduates of private colleges. “The ministry is also looking to introduce a short placement scheme for unemployed nurses to upgrade their skills. “We also suggest they follow SL1M for added value and skills to enable them to work in private hospitals, including overseas,” he told BH.
Human Resources Minister Datuk Seri Dr S. Subramaniam said on October 8 8,000 nursing graduates failed to find jobs in the public and private sectors due to an imbalance of job opportunities and low quality nursing graduates. However, Tiong Lai said the figure is a rough estimate of the amount registered with the Public Service Commission (PSC) of about 5.400 people.
However, according to the government Liow realize the issue, but the Ministry of Higher Education (MOE) freeze while opening new colleges that offer courses in nursing over the last year. “We are also raising their academic qualifications who want to pursue a nursing course of three to five credit limit credit for hiring a new coach,” he said. Currently, 68 private colleges annually produce an average of 8.000 to 2.000 nurses remain a government college 33 products.

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